Adult Forum (Sunday)

During the time between the 8:00 and 10:00 services (9:00 to about 9:45), The Adult Forum, held in the Parish Hall, provides an opportunity for the congregation to discuss topics important to the life of the church as well as our personal and spiritual well being.

The topics are numerous and varied. Please join us during this time for coffee and treats, along with relaxing and sometimes spirited discussion.  Please scroll to the bottom of this page for information on weekly speakers and topics this spring. 

Sunday Morning Adult Forum Schedule for Spring 2018

1/14, 1/21, 1/28:  John Levis:  "Language, the Book of Common Prayer and the Bible: The Anglican Communion throughout the world is connected in many ways. One of the most important connections is the language we use (English).  Choices in language have been used over centuries to frame our worship and theology, to create beauty in our services and hymns, and to reflect changes in English over the centuries.  This 3-Sunday series will examine how language has been used in the BCP and in the Bible to reflect conceptions of our relationship to God and to each other, how language is used to create reality, and how changes in language may both clarify and obscure understanding of our faith.

2/4:  Gloria Starns:  "The Power of God in a 40 Watt Light Bulb."  
God speaks to us even when we are not listening.  Often, we do not even hear him until  "a light goes on".  My experiences in Nicaragua have taught me that God's hands are rarely clean; his fingernails are dirty, his clothes are sweaty, and at the end of the day, he is bone weary. 
2/11:  Dave and Mary Jane Oakland:  "Our Companions in Swaziland"
We will provide a bit of history of the Brechin-Iowa-Swaziland diocesan companionship and of the Diocese of Swaziland, and then concentrate on the work of Bishop Ellinah Wamukoya and the diocesan office of Social Development.  We spent February and March of 2016 working with Ms. Thandi Zulu, the newly appointed head of that committee, to establish priorities and procedures for the department.  This was the sixth time that one or both of us had been to Swaziland on behalf of our diocese.  Mary Jane will likely add some reflections on her work in Ghana (with Self-Help International).  A book on mission work that we would recommend:  Toxic Charity by Robert Lupton.
Dave retired from Drake University in 2009 after teaching mathematics and computer science there for 28 years.  He has served on numerous parish and diocesan committees and chairs the diocesan Commission on One World, One Church.  He has also served for many years as co-chair of the Ames CROP Hunger Walk committee.
The Rev. Mary Jane Oakland taught nutrition and dietetics courses at Iowa State for 27 years and directed the dietetics programs for much of that time.  In 1995 she was ordained a deacon at St. John’s.  In 2001 she began serving as deacon at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Marshalltown.  She was ordained priest in 2005 and served as rector of St. Paul’s from 2006 until 2015 when she retired.  In 1999 she spent over six weeks in Lahore, Pakistan, helping to create a post-graduate dietetic internship program which is still operating successfully.  She was a member of the parish search committee in 2000-2001, frequently chaired the diocesan Commission on Ministry, and has served on several other committees at the parish and diocesan level.  She is also active as an Oblate of the Order of Julian of Norwich and has served the Order in various leadership roles.

2/18:  Lenten Study:  Greta Muller Levis will help us start the series title “What Wondrous Love” highlighting the artwork of John August Swanson.  There will be a short video along with small and large group discussions.  Lesson 1 will discuss “The raising of Lazarus” and lesson 2 will discuss “The Entry into Jerusalem.” 

2/25:  Lenten Study:  Dot Prater will lead sessions 3 and 4 covering the topics of "Jesus Washes the Feet of the Disciples" and "The Last Supper" from the series "What Wondrous Love" highlighting the artwork of John August Swanson.

3 /4:  Lenten Study:  Dorothy Yoerger will lead the discussion on "the Betrayal and Arrest" from the series "What Wondrous Love" highlighting the artwork of John August Swanson

Spring Break 3/11 and 3/18

3/25:  Lenten Study: “What Wondrous Love” based on the artwork of John August Swanson.  Each session will include one or two 10 minute videos as well as discussion time for small and large group discussions.

4/1:   Easter – potluck

4/8:  Bill Gutowski: 
"Living in South Africa and Working with African Scientists"
I will talk about my experiences over many years of visiting and living in Cape Town, South Africa.  This will include my interactions there and elsewhere in Africa with friends and scientists from across the continent.
4/15:  The Deppe’s

4/22:  Steve Prater: "Antonio Gaudi's, Basilica de la Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain"
Sagrada Familia is perhaps the most astounding piece of liturgical architecture ever built (actually it is still under construction --started in 1883).  Along with just sharing the pictures and remembrances, I also want to approach a little bit of the language of architecture as it is presented in this building.  So I will try to take a look at a few signs, symbols, metaphors, and icons along with the unbelievable use of light which transforms the human senses  to another realm. 
4/29:  John Lowthian: Haiti after the Earthquake
John went to Haiti shortly after the devastating earthquake in Jan 2010 (about 300,000 were killed).  He spent about two weeks at a hospital in a suburb of Port-au-Prince. Then in June of 2017, he went with a group of about 17 to the Central Jungle area about 80 miles north of the Capital.  There they helped in a Clinic and did some teaching in their Nursing and Medical School
5/6:   Youth Pilgrimage

5/13:  Robin Fletcher

5/20:  Nicola Bowler