Altar Guild

St. John's Altar Guild is open to all from twelve years old.  Members work in teams and are assigned to setting up or cleaning up the altar for certain days and services.  If you are interested in helping out, call the church office.  You need not have experience as you will be trained after you volunteer.  Our altar guild coordinator is Marti Elzer, assisted by Diane Rioux and Bronwyn Frame and the candle proctor is Helen McRoberts.  We meet annually in late fall to set up year round scheduling for facilitating over 150 church services a year. 
Other Parish Services that are associated with the Altar Guild include:

Monday Daisies

The name "Monday Daisies" comes from one of Fr. Al's earlier parishes. At St. John's we are a service arm of the Altar Guild and is a ministry to shut-ins or parishioners  for whom a bit of brightness in their day may be welcome. The calendar for signing up is posted by the Flower Chart on the bulletin board at the foot of the stairs (near south entrance).  Please call Mary Kay Abbott with any questions.  The flowers may be delivered any time after the 10AM service on Sunday or Monday.  When you deliver, you may stay and visit with the parishioner depending on their or your wishes.  Use the following instructions for guidance:

- When we confirm the donation of altar flowers, we ask the donor(s) to whom they would like the flowers to go.  Sometimes they prefer to take them, or will tell us to whom they should be delivered.  In either case, we will contact you or leave that information on the sink counter in the gathering area for the Monday Daisy on duty for the given Sunday.  There is a phone book and a Parish Directory in the kitchen - it is a good idea to call ahead for home deliveries.  If you do not receive any information, please ask Fr. Al...he will suggest recipients.

-There are small cards  (and card holders) with a short message from St. John's in the cupboard under the Gathering Area sink.  If the flowers are going to the hospital where shelf space is limited, it is a good idea to divide the flowers into a smaller bouquet for delivery and a bouquet for Jeannie's counter in the office.  Use your judgment.  There are vases and scissors in the cupboard as well.  

- Thank you for volunteering for this important ministry.

Linen Care

Thanks to the hard work and steadfast commitment of Phyllis Heffron,  altar linens are washed and ironed, mended and maintained in beautiful condition - ready to go as needed.

The Sanctuary Candle

The sanctuary candle burns in remembrance of memorials or celebrations. The current sign up sheet and annual schedule are in the office on Jeannie's counter.  Watch announcements for available dates as the year unfolds.

Coordination of Altar Flowers 

Sunday altar flowers are provided by parishioners (contributions for poinsettias are made during the Christmas season, and no flowers are displayed during the solemn season of Lent). If you would like to provide flowers for the altar on any given Sunday, please sign up (in pencil) on the altar flower chart above the water fountain in the south foyer. Flowers need to be delivered to the church on Saturday in time for the 8AM Sunday morning service. Please contact Mary Kay Abbott if you would like to take part in this parish ministry.

Monday Daisies to deliver altar flowers to parishioners who cannot join us for worship.  Sign up sheets (please sign both) in south foyer and parish hall

Contacts:  Mary Kay Abbott