Greeters and Ushers


Greeting newcomers as well as our regular members warmly is important to our church life. God brings people to our door and we welcome them to our community.


I. Arrive and be ready to start at least 15-minutes before service is to start. Wear your blue name tag and the "Welcome" OR "Usher" tag.

2. Count the bulletins in case there is an unusual turn out, you can ration one to a couple, asking them to share. With a verbal 'welcome' hand them a bulletin.

3. For elementary age children, offer them an activity bag (under the bulletin shelf).

4. There are two persons scheduled: one should take a position near the welcome table to greet people from the south entrance; the other should take a position at the door of the sanctuary to greet people coming from the north entrance or parish hall.

5. Assist visitors in finding seating if necessary. If it is crowded, one of you may need to accompany them.

6. Hand out bulletins with a 'welcome' and answer any questions that come up. Ask Newcomers to sign the guest book then or after the service and to pick up a gift bag. Invite them to stay for coffee after the service. {extra gift bags are in the parlor cabinets — lower right}

7. After the service take position near the welcome table again inviting newcomers to sign the guest book and stay for coffee. Show them where the coffee is and intro¬duce them to other members. Temporary stick-on name tags are available to the visitor if they wish one.

8. Invite visitors again to coffee hour.



1. As the service begins, close the left hand sanctuary door and go in, taking a seat where you can easily get up to deliver the communion elements (bread and wine) to the altar.

2. Right after the 'announcements, and birthdays' are done, go to the table at the back of the sanctuary, take the bread and wine and deliver them to the acolyte at the altar and receive the collection plates from the acolyte.

3. Pass the collection plates back through the congrergation one usher on each side and take an attendance count as you go: including congregation, clergy, organist, choir, director and acolytes. Write the number on a slip of paper and put in the collection plate.

4. Hold the collection plates at the rear of the sanctuary until the Doxology music begins. The acolyte advances to receive the offerings as the ushers move forward to the altar.

5. Take seats on the right side (front pew) for the service. While the celebrant serves the people behind the altar, each usher moves to their side of the aisle to guide the flow of parishioners to the communion rail.

6. If you didn't get the attendance count with the offering collection, do it as you release people for communion.

7. Start people to the communion rail as soon as the celebrant is ready to serve them, not before. Keep a steady flow to keep the rails filled.

8. You will be the last to be served indicating that everyone has come forward. if there is anyone unable to advance to the rail, let the clergy know.

9. Return to your seats and after the service is over, go to the welcome stations.