The Grounds


If our lot is full, additional parking is available along Chamberlain Street and in the City parking lot south of Chamberlain. It is not necessary to feed the meter on Sundays.
If you are new to St. John’s, Welcome! Please see Jeannie to sign up for an EPOA parking permit. The parking lot is available to active members and guests for church related activities only, and there is no overnight parking. The 10 parking spaces along Stanton Ave. are available for rent weekdays & Saturday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. only. Please see Jeannie for more information if you would like to lease one of these spaces or, a permit request form is attached below.  Please print, fill out, and return to Jeannie in the mail office.

We do not consider a St. John’s parking permit a permit to park in the lot for long
periods of time for other than church business. You are welcome to park in the lot
for a couple of hours while doing business in the area though you should not park in the lot
all day while attending or teaching classes at ISU or tending to other business in the area.
If you park to go to a movie in the evening please do not park in the spots on the west
side of the lot.

Be sure to attach you sticker to the driver’s side of the rear window or the back
side window on the driver’s side. Jeannie is in the main office during the work week.

Meditation Garden

This quiet outside garden can be reached from the south entrance through the gate, or through the south door of the Nordmeyer Chapel.

Upkeep of the Grounds

Our weekly grounds upkeep throughout the growing season is done by St. John's parishioners whose efforts are ably coordinated by Ed Gillott and George Smith.  We are always in need of more volunteers to make this job easier for everyone.  Please see St. John's Outdoor Work Days for more details