History of St. John's

St. John's Episcopal Church in Ames traces its roots back to 1876 when it was organized as Trinity Mission - its name changed to St. John's in 1893. The church building was originally on 5th and Clark St. downtown. The parish moved to the current site in 1930 after the construction of the current church building, begun in 1929, as the corner stone here attests to,  was completed.

Between 1964 and 1996,  The Episcopal Parish of Ames (EPOA) was made up of two churches - St. David's and St. John's.  The congregation of St. David's began in 1964 and met originally at Stevens Funeral Home, and then later at Northminster Presbyterian Church. The St. David's building (at the current site of Windsor Oaks) was completed in the fall of 1974.  St. David's and St. John's congregations re-joined in 1996.  The Gathering Area (under the skylight and at the fireplace hearth in our current location) is dedicated to the St. David's congregation as the plaque above the fireplace attests.

Thus far, there have been three rectors of St. John's.  They are:  LeRoy Burroughs from 1919-1960 ; Paul Goodland from 1961-1991; Al Aiton 1991 through 2017.  Ben Webb began as our interim rector on January 1, 2018.