Hosting Coffee Hour

Coffee hour after the 8AM or 10AM Sunday service is an opportunity for parish fellowship before another busy week begins, and for welcoming newcomers and visitors to St. John's. For some, it may be the only opportunity during the week to commune with friends.

Volunteers are always needed to prepare the coffee and lay out snacks after Sunday service -either 8AM or 10AM or both. If you are interested in volunteering to do this for one or two Sundays a year (or more!), please see the sign up sheet in the Parish Hall.  If you would like to bring treats, but have not signed up to do so, please double check with Jeannie in the main office first to be sure you are not duplicating the efforts of another willing volunteer!

Step by step instructions for hosting coffee hour can be found at the bottom of this page. For answers to other questions, please consult with Margaret Dempsey, Helen McRoberts, Carol Vleck, Gay or Jim Stone or one of the many other people who do this regularly.  


Instructions for Hosting Sunday Coffee Hour

8 o’clock service volunteers: These people make coffee and provide or put out snacks and other drink supplies by about 8:45 am. They often put plastic table clothes on the long tables. They usually turn on the Hobart dishwasher to warm it up and wash at least one load of cups before leaving. They usually leave left over snacks for the choir and children to sample before the 10 o’clock service. Instructions for the coffee machine and dishwasher are posted in the kitchen.


10 o’clock service volunteers: These people should plan to be in the kitchen by about 9:30 am to check on coffee and supplies and overlap with the 8 o’clock volunteers. They usually leave the service a bit early to make a final pot of coffee or put out “cold” things. They do general clean-up at the end of coffee-hour wash and put away all dishes, wipe off tables and counters, sweep up large crumbs from the parish hall floor and empty waste baskets. Please turn off coffee maker, dishwasher, and all other electrical items in the kitchen. One light is left on in the Parish Hall the others are turned off (labels are on the light fixture in Parish Hall) and make sure the gas fireplace is turned off if you are the last to leave.


The following items are supplied: coffee, cream, sugar, tea bags, hot chocolate powder, punch, juice or drink powders, and all paper items such as napkins, cups and small plates. Most items are in well-marked drawers and cupboards. Feel free to poke around to find things or ask someone. If we’re getting low on something, please let Gay or Jim Stone know or send an email to Jeannie at


FOOD Option 1. If you would like to use food items purchased by the church, please find cookies and cheese or peanut butter crackers located under the counter to the far right of the large sink. There are trays to layout these things, and it is perfectly OK to use these items only, volunteering only your time and smiling faces.


FOOD Option 2. If you would like to bring home-baked items, fresh fruit or cheese & crackers, these are always appreciated. Some people like to bring a cake for a special occasion. Some people like to cook fancy breads & cookies and some would rather bring some doughnut holes; feel free to be as fancy or simple as you like. Your volunteer work is appreciated in any case.

Money collected for supplies. There is a small “lock-box” where donations for the coffee hour are accepted. At the end of the coffee hour, please unlock the box with the key provided in the kitchen(in the yellow envelope located on the counter where the coffee cups are put back after coffee hour), put the money in an envelope (usually just a few dollars at most), write the amount on the outside and leave it on Jeannie’s desk or slide it under her door if the office is locked.


Note: Coffee hour is usually handled differently for the following Sundays: money-raising pancake breakfasts by the youth (TBA), Epiphany Sunday, potluck brunches on Easter Sunday, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day, the August Ministry Fair and the first Sunday in May “thank-you event” for the choir and celebration of graduates.