Music is a key part of our liturgy and worship.   The Anglican–Episcopal heritage places a strong emphasis on music, especially choral and organ music. Our music program draws from this heritage by emphasizing choral singing and the music of the pipe organ.   Our Organist and Music Director is Dr. Miriam Zach.  Dr. Wendy Ware serves as our assistant organist.  Dr. Zach also conducts the St. John's Singer's (click here)

At other times, music may be offered using our grand piano purchased in 1999 in memory of Martha Benson's beloved husband and long time parishioner, Donald. 

We have gifted instrumentalists in our congregation and talented singers who occasionally present special musical selections under the direction of Dr. Zach.  

Bell Choir

We are looking for a Bell Choir conductor for 2018.  Please speak with our music director, Dr. Miriam Zach if you are interested in helping with this.

Additional Music Offerings at St. John's

In addition to St. John's choir, which sings September through May during our Sunday 10AM worship service, music offerings at St. John's are many.  Parishioners frequently offer their musical talents to our worship service.  Ames Town and Gown holds its marvelous Musicale every spring at St. John's and many senior class recitals also use St. John's sanctuary for their performances.