Stewardship in The Church

Stewardship takes many forms - whether it is using our time, resources and gifts to care for others, for the environment, for our physical surroundings (such as our church building), or for helping meet the financial needs of the parish.  Hours of time are donated every year to implementing and meeting the various needs of St. John's congregation.  The following is the response Scott Saienga, a St. John's parishioner, gave when asked to describe what stewardship means to him:


"I have been a member of St. John’ since 1995. The first Sunday, in late September of that year, when I came to the 10:00 service I knew this was a faith family home for me. The members made me feel welcome immediately. Of course, the proverbial “do you want to sign up for reading” came after hello my name is. As a member at St. John’s, I have had a firm commitment to stewardship and giving. My belief about giving starts with the first three words of the Nicene Creed “We believe in . . .” and after that is everything I do as a Christian. Matthew 6:33 is the second basis for my stewardship philosophy, which is “Seek First the Kingdom of God and all things will be given to you”. In return, we should give back to God as thanks for the blessings in our lives. The past two years have shown me how important a faith community is with the death of both my parents in less than a year. All the support Father Al and the parish provided to all my family cannot be measured. That’s part of Giving and Stewardship. I can break down my giving into the areas of time, talent and monetary pledge. Each have their own importance and place in filling the needs of the parish. With the giving of your time and talents on various committees and projects; being a member of the vestry; providing education opportunity from young to old and just labor makes the parish use any monetary gift greatly enhanced. This is why I feel strongly about giving; providing the means for outreach and evangelism of our faith to the community."


What can you give - what would you like to give?    Below are the ministry/committee areas on which St. John's focuses its energies as a parish.  The 2017-18 list of contact people for each of the sub-ministries below is at this link here


Liturgy or Worship and Music

Acolytes, Lectors, Greeters/Ushers/Chalice, Altar Guild, Music, Seasonal, etc.

Administrative and Facilities 

Communications, newsletter, website, annual budget preparation, stewardship campaign, building and grounds, etc


Children and Youth (Godly Play, EYC and Journey to Adulthood); Adults (Tools for a Christian Journey, EfM, Bible Studies, Seasonal); Advent events, Lenten Programs, and VBS. etc

Congregational Life 

Fellowship activities, coffee hours, newcomers, visiting shut ins (Monday Daisies, Meals, Transportation, Hospitality (Diocesan, meetings, funerals, weddings), etc.


Campus ministry, Matthew 25 House, Emergency Residence Project, MICA, Food at First etc.


Prayerfully consider what your stewardship goals are, and what gifts you can contribute to St. John's in one or all of these stewardship areas. There is no gift too small - we give what we can - this is our commitment to our church family.