Student Life at St. John's

Our student ministry is the main reason our church has remained in campustown and calls itself "by the Campus". St. Johns takes pride in our College Youth and the college Chaplain leads many activities for all University students to enjoy. Everyone from undergraduates, masters, and doctorial students. During the school year we participate in many activities such as:  

Semester bible studies created and led by college students (currently studying C.S Lewis' "the Great Divorce" on Sunday's at 6:30 PM in the library at St. John's). 
Weekly lunch outings after the church service. 
Fundraisers ran by college youth to support the college youth group. 
Board game nights several times per semester. 
Outings to various activities around Ames such as Ledges, plays at Fisher Theater, music concerts, and on campus speakers. 

We hope that you join us at St. Johns and meet new friends to worship, sing, and grow alongside.  To join our student facebook page, click here

We have had a number of chaplains over the years, including Father Doug Haviland, Sarah Shofstall, Father Matt Cobb, Jim Tener, and Erin Zimmerman.  David Moore is the current Chaplain and began in August 2016.