If you are new to St. John's, welcome!  We are glad you are here.

On Sunday mornings, please make yourself known to the usher/greeter, and sign our guest book.  We gather for coffee in the parish hall after both services on Sunday morning - do join us!  Do remember - there is no right or wrong way to worship - the important thing is that we gather to worship as Christians have done for over 2000 years.  So, welcome! 

Do not hesitate to contact our interim Rector, Fr. Benjamin Webb, or one of our church personnel  if you need to speak with someone outside of Sunday morning worship/fellowship time.  Business hours for our main office are 9-noon and 1-5 Monday through Friday.

Our main (north) entrance is the red door on Lincoln Way.  Our parking lot is on the south side of the building.  This is the entrance through which most folks come and go - this entrance also provides access to the sanctuary by an automated lift.  You will need help opening the south entrance door, that's all.   There are bathroom facilities at this south door (to the left coming in), and at the parish hall level near the door to the altar.  

On Sunday mornings, you can park in any spots labelled St. John's. It is best you obtain a St. John's parking sticker from Jeannie in the main office.

If you would like a name tag, please speak with the greeter/usher Sunday morning. You will soon find your name tag filed alphabetically by last name on the shelf leading into the sanctuary from the parish hall.

Children are always more than welcome during our worship services. Should you choose, we do have a Nursery available from 7:45 through 11:45 on Sunday mornings.